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CBT Educational Reimbursements


Purpose of the Charter Builder Trust (CBT)

Formed in 1968, the purpose of the CBT is to support educational opportunities for NAIFA South Carolina.
The SCALU building, located at 1914 Park Street, downtown Columbia, was leased out with the benefits going to the CBT along with the proceeds along with its ultimate sale in 1996.
Since that time many members have benefited from the educational opportunities afforded to them by the CBT. Meetings featured renowned speakers of CE, motivational, and even those to help with sales. In additional, NAIFA-SC sponsors a portion of the tuition of the life in leadership Institute (LILI) held annually, forming the NAIFA-SC Leaders of tomorrow.
In addition, the Board of Charter Builder Trust recently voted to further expand the educational reimbursement opportunities for NAIFA-SC members to include virtually all industry recognized certifications and designations. Approved educational opportunities include:
  1. CBT will reimburse NAIFA-SC members, in good standing for a minimum of one year, 50% of the exam fee and/or tuition upon successful completion of:
    • LACP Exam
    • LUTCF Course
    • CLTC Exam
  2. Recipients must submit a “Notice of Intent” to CBT for the course they plan to take and to seek reimbursement for, and pledge to maintain NAIFA membership.
  3. Multiple notices of these opportunities will be emailed to all NAIFA-SC members, and applicants will be selected based on date of “Notice of Intent” email.
  4. All reimbursements and provisions are subject to CBT Board approval and are subject to change at the discretion of the CBT Board.
  5. Non-NAIFA Sponsored designations will be reimbursed at 50% with a maximum of $500 per certification/designation upon completion.”